It’s #PurgeSeason! #Purge your closets with a #swapparty!
A clothing swap party is a get together where #friends bring their unwanted #clothing and #fashionaccessories they no longer wear and #trade them. It’s a great way to to get rid of things you don’t want and update your wardrobe for free! Ask your guests to bring clean, gently, used good only. You can #swapshop 😃
1. Go through your closet and organize what you want to swap
2. Make a lis of friends to Invite
3. Set a day and time
Set some rules (totally optional) ie. Guests should leave with the same number of items they brought and have #fun with it without spending a cent!!
To #organize a #swapparty, visit for all our services or call Rashi at (587) 943-4280.